About me

I am a maker who truly enjoys learning, teaching, creating, and experimenting. I believe that as a human, on the right environment, we utterly must look for growing alongside those around us.

I natively speak Spanish and proficiently in English, just like I do in JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Bash, Java, Terraform, Groovy, Ruby, Python, and others. But for that, I have my resume over here, please check it out if you are looking for my professional background.

I am one of those that adventured themselves on Entrepreneurship lands back in 2014, but after many mistakes and running out of money, I went back to the Engineering market. I have to admit, it was a hard pill to swallow at the beginning, but later I discovered that I was blessed to find a venue to continue growing as a professional. With many experiences as individual contributor and tech lead under my belt, I am now looking forward to the future.

I have many stories, ideas, and even how-to’s to share, but I will use this blog for that.

Happy hacking!

Last modified on 2021-10-04